What Are Living Groups?

Glisson Living GroupPut simply, a Living Group is your family while you are at camp.  Each Living Group consists of 10-12 campers and two counselors who do everything together throughout the week.  Living Groups share family style meals at the dinning hall, worship together in chapel services, camp out-and cook by campfire one night at a Glisson campsite, and share multiple other activities together during the week.  Through this interaction, campers develop significant relationships with mature adult Christian counselors and with one another.  

Living Groups typically consist of six male campers and six female campers, with one male counselor and one female counselor.  Counselors are trained in every aspect of the small-group camping model on which the Living Group is based.  The same-gender counselor stays with the campers nearly 24 hours a day.  He or she lives in the cabin with the campers and ensures they are where they are supposed to be during the day.  The females in the Living Group live in half of a cabin on Girls' Row or in a room in Ivie Lodge.  The males live in half of a cabin on Boys' Row.  They share the cabin with same-gender campers and a counselor from a different Living Group, bringing the total for each cabin to a maximum of 14 (12 campers, two counselors).  For instance, say Living Group 11 has six female and six male campers.  The guys in LG 11 might share half of a cabin on Boys' Row with the guys from Living Group 5.  The girls from LG11 might share half of a cabin on Girls' Row with the girls from Living Group 9.

While a Living Group is typically where the closest bonds form, there are multiple times a week where campers of different Living Groups get together, such as during all-camp activities, section activities, Camper Celebration, etc. 




"Our camper says he feels closer to God when he is at Glisson. He says he takes that feeling home with him each summer."

Craig, father of a 2013 Village camper