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An Experiential Christian Community...

Merely studying a language won’t make you fluent – you have to use it. Village is an immersive experience of practicing faith in Christian community. Campers stay in cabins, eat in the dining hall, worship in the chapel, and play on the waterfront. What changes lives though is experiencing the entire week together with their small group where campers are accepted and loved for who they are and encouraged to live out their faith together in new ways that translate to everyday living.

Village is a traditional sleep away camp at the heart of Glisson’s 90+ years of ministry. Over 250 campers come to Village each week during the summer. Below is a detailed description of what a camper experiences during a week. (Open House: 4/30/17)


What To Expect

Village Living Group  
"Living Groups" are core to Village

On arrival, campers are welcomed by their counselors into their “Living Group” – typically 12 campers and 2 counselors who experience the week together. Campers help their counselors plan a few of the week's activities. This small group experience supports our goal of creating Christian community for our campers. As one camper put it, “Glisson is a place I can be myself and know that people will accept me and love me."

The Village week begins on Sunday and ends on Friday. Though planned activities vary between living groups, there are common parts of camp that all campers experience. Every morning and night, campers come together in the chapel for worship and a message from the TIR (Theologian in Residence). Each summer, camper evaluations rate chapel among their favorite camp activities. Every night in Village, campers and staff gather on the Dining Hall porch for a 50-year-old tradition – Singing on the Porch.  Guitarists accompany campers and staff as we sing a variety of songs that have been sung at Glisson for decades.

  Chapel in Action
Chapels encourage camper involvement

Once a week, campers (except for Mini camp) hike and camp-out overnight with their living groups – campfire, dinner, and s’mores included! Every week we have one night of section (groups of living groups) activities and one night of all-camp activities. We conclude the week with an all-camp communion service – a longstanding Glisson tradition – followed by the Closing Celebration, to which family and friends are invited.


A Unique Experience

Creek Hike  
Activities include creek hikes,
climbing, & more

That's where the similarities among Village experiences end! Each summer is different since living groups have different people and a different schedule. Activities are planned by living groups with the guidance of their counselors, helping us ensure that campers get to do the camp activities they have come to do. More importantly, it sets the tone for the week that we do things together, that we care about each other’s experience of camp, and that we are all – staff and campers alike – responsible for creating the camp experience at Glisson.



Age-Specific Programs

There are four main Village experiences for campers of different grade levels. Mini Camp is for elementary campers who want to try a two-night experience. Mini Camp is being offered three times in 2017: Wed 5/31 to Fri 6/2, Sun 6/25 to Tue 6/27, and Wed 6/28 to Fri 6/30. Elementary, Mid High and Senior High are all week-long camp experiences with their own age-specific schedule. Even the Elementary and Mid High school experiences, on site at the same time during the same weeks, have independent schedules. We also offer a 10-Day Experience (Sun 6/18 to Tue 6/27) available for middle school campers, allowing them to be at camp longer and have a broader range of camp experiences. Finally, rising 11-12th graders are eligible to apply for our sibling ministry, the Experiential Leadership Institute (ELI), which is a multi-week, immersive leadership development experience for rising 11-12th graders to discover their God-given strengths and practice servant leadership together.

Village Program Options  


  Tubing on the Chestatee
Mid-High campers take a tubing trip on the Chestatee River





Recent Program Improvements

After celebrating our 90th anniversary in 2015 with the opening of our New Dining Hall, we built off that momentum to make our 91st and 92nd summers our highest-attended on record! Now that we've experienced just how transformational having a Dining Hall that allows all of Village and Sparrowwood to eat together family-style is...and the time freed up for more camp activities by not serving each meal twice...and the ability to have a single Singing on the Porch...and new spaces like the lobby, the lounge, the rocking chair porch, the Creekview meeting room, and the Prayer Chapel for living groups to gather together in...we're aiming for our 93rd summer to be our best yet!

Dining Hall, Prayer Chapel, Leadership Lodge, & More

It's hard to imagine the addition of a ministry facility having had a more transformational impact on how we run camp than the new Dining Hall. Additionally, we built the Lanford Leadership Lodge, a new double cabin between boy's and girl's rows, as well as two new cabins and renovated a third cabin to full-size. This increased capacity allows for all Village campers to stay in cabins, freeing up Ivie Lodge for Sparrowwood campers to move into – a much more accommodating space for our campers with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Though these improvements were in full-effect for 2015, we're still too excited about the impact they have on each camper's week at camp to leave them off this list. 

Waterfront Activities: Wet Willie Water Slides, Blob & Zip Lines

On the heels of our biggest capital campaign ever, Glisson received its largest single gift ever: one million dollars! This unexpected gift was given specifically toward master plan projects that were not included in our Serving Generations campaign...and in the hope that we would start building right away – which we did! In addition to the three cabins mentioned above, and the renovated "old" Dining Hall and new full-size recreation field mentioned below, this incredible gift allowed us to make our biggest-impact program addition since the Alpine Tower in 1998: The Lake Hale Waterfront. One of our basic program goals in Village is to get campers wet and off the ground at least once a day – wet because it’s summer in Georgia and off the ground because that unusual circumstance offers a chance to build trust and self-confidence. Beyond being an absolute blast, these three new program activities – Wet Willie water slides, tandem zip line, and "Blob" – get campers wet and off the ground at the same time. Campers gave rave reviews for the chance to zip, slide, bounce, and fly their way into the once-sleepy and now-bustling Lake Hale. 

Full-Size Recreation Field & New Program Center
We love our ball field in the middle of camp nestled along Cane Creek, but sometimes it's just not big enough for an activity or event we dream up. That's why we were so excited to debut a full-size recreation field last summer! The new field is located at the old Rustic campground behind Lake Hale. Another part of the $1M gift, the renovation of the "Old" Dining Hall into program space, has also been completed. Much like "Down Under" on the bottom floor, this renovated meeting space will offer yet another large gathering/activity space for living groups to use as a "rain plans" location.


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"Our camper says he feels closer to God when he is at Glisson. He says he takes that feeling home with him each summer."

Craig, father of a 2013 Village camper