Tiny Town Collection

The newest replica in the Glisson "Tiny Town" is here. It's a Village cabin.

Village cabins have been home-away-from-home for Glisson summer campers and retreat guests since 1947. Our first cabins were constructed just after WWII. They were open-air cabins which could be used only in warm weather ... until 1964 when the cabins were "winterized" for year-round use.

As a result of our first capital campaign in the late 1990's, we were able to modernize and completely re-design our cabins. As a tip-of-the-hat to the gold mining tradition of the Dahlonega area, the design of these cabins is reminiscent of a gold miner's shack. Gold miners' shacks in the 1920's wouldn't have had modern bath facilities, but our cabins definitely do.

The Glisson "Tiny Town" collection was introduced in 2010 with the first replica in the series - the Glisson Chapel. The Chapel was the first in the series because we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Chapel in 2010.  The Chapel figure was discontinued at the end of 2010. However, due to a high level of interest from our Glisson alumni, we made a limited number of additional Chapel replicas available. 


The second replica in the series was the Glisson Dining Hall. In 2011 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Dining Hall, which was built in 1951. Family-style meals with fellow campers and retreat companions, Singing-on-the-Porch, Glisson Day reunions and thousands of other memories draw us back to this iconic Glisson landmark.
The third replica in the series was Cane Creek Falls, introduced in 2012. Cane Creek Falls is clearly the most beloved and iconic location at camp. The continuous sound of the waterfall has been a soothing and reassuring sound for generations of Glisson campers and visitors. The pool at the base of the Falls actually served as Glisson's "swimming hole" for many years - up until our first swimming pool was constructed in 1969. 

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Each figure in the Glisson "Tiny Town" series is generally available for a specific period of time before we retire it and move on to the next in the series. Special note: a limited number of additional Chapels, Dining Halls and Falls replicas are still available, but once they run out ... they are retired. These replicas make excellent gifts for anyone who loves Glisson. Any piece which is discontinued will most likely resurface once we've completed the series, but that could be many years down the road. By acquiring these replicas as they become available, over time your mantel or bookshelf will include all of the special places at Glisson which hold such powerful memories for so many Glisson alumni and friends.
If you missed out on the Chapel, Dining Hall or Falls replicas, this is your chance to get one while limited numbers remain available

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Jennifer, parent of a 14-year-old Sparrowwood camper