Stories of Glisson's ministry impact during summer 2016 as told by campers and parents:


"It's all the fun things summer camp is supposed to be, but it's also spiritually fantastic. The first thing [my son] talked about in the car was that he became closer to God this week. That's every parent's' dream!!!" -Village Parent

"My daughter loves camp and the friendships she makes. I love the core values that are instilled and the sense of belonging!!" -Village Parent

"It is a place where I feel accepted, loved, and welcome. The atmosphere there is just wonderful. I love it! …. It is the place where I learned that God loved me .... It is the most amazing thing to look back and see where I was in my faith before and after I came to camp. [Glisson] is my home. And, I thank you for that. Thank you for making this all possible for me. Thank you for my childhood. Thank you for my faith. Thank you." -Village Camper

"She has grown in her faith, her outdoor skills are amazing, and her cooking skills, too! She is blossoming into a wonderful adult and I thank you for all you've had to do with that!! We love Glisson." -Outpost Parent

"Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel included and loved." -Village Camper

"This is the most wonderful camp for kids with special needs. They feel so accepted and loved and never get bored. My son loves it all!" -Sparrowwood Parent

"[My son] has always loved camp, and it has helped him develop his confidence. He has struggled with learning differences since he was a young student and camp is the one place where he never feels like it holds him back from doing what he wants." -Village Parent

"I can just be myself at camp." -Village Camper

"Incredibly welcoming, Christian based camp where all personalities are embraced." -Village Parent

"[Before applying] I asked a friend who’s been a camper what Cho Boi meant. He said 'Welcome Home' which almost took my breath away. Glisson tells their campers, welcome home. That’s radical acceptance at its finest. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your life is like, you are welcomed home as soon as you get to Glisson." -1st Year Summer Staff

"[My son] struggles with what to believe. The unconditional love shown to him this week was HUGE. He still hasn't stopped talking about it." -Outpost Camper

"Each year, he conquers fears and has been challenged to be more independent, all while having a true summer camp experience in an environment where he is safe, loved unconditionally and taught about God. As a mom, I couldn't ask for anything more. I truly love the Glisson staff and counselors for giving my son the opportunity to be a 'typical' camper. It's been the highlight of his summer the last 3 years." -Sparrowwood Parent

"The sharing and caring of everyone is a tremendous experience for the campers." -Village Parent

"This year especially seemed to have the greatest impact on him. I think he opened up to his group more than he has ever done before. Again, that's saying a lot when he doesn't even open up to family. I am forever grateful that there is a Glisson!" - Village Parent

"You get to face your fears and do stuff you'd never do before. You meet some really good people there that help you and you have the best week of your life." -Outpost Camper

"She loved all of the conversations with the living group. She said, 'I just never knew that there were so many things I didn't know about God. I actually felt His presence!'" -Village Parent

"It grows me closer in my relationship with God. It's an excellent experience where I'm always welcome and at home!" -Village Camper

"She loved making new friends and having so many new experiences...She became more comfortable being vocal about her faith and speaking about what her faith means to her." -Village Parent

"Christian community is at the heart of camp. I never realized before how vital it is to every aspect of what we do. Everything we do comes back to Jesus, of course, but also Christian community. I saw this summer how important sitting around the table at meals, finding sticks together on campout, team belaying at the Alpine tower, and building trust at low elements really is. Everything we do as counselors is intentional and meant to facilitate the growth of Christian community in our living group….I learned that camp, and life for that matter, isn’t something we do on our own – we need other people who love and support us." -Summer Staff

"My daughter loves camp and the friendships she makes. I love the core values that are instilled and the sense of belonging!!" -Village Parent

"John and I were talking after dinner about how changed our kids are when they get back from camp. More loving, happier, more kind to one another. Do you think you could bottle it and sell that camp magic?" -Outpost Parent

"I can see a change in my son that is 9 years old. He said today that he needs to start doing things for himself. Praise God because I have been trying to get him to do that." -Village Parent

"I see her growing not only in her faith but in her confidence. This is an experience I believe is valuable for every young person. It is not just fun, it is an investment in helping them grow into great young adults!" -Village Parent

"[My son] has invited many friends to Glisson. It is always an incredible week for him and he takes those experiences and things he learned from camp home with him. We continue to hear about Glisson throughout the year!" -Village Parent

"Developing independence! She loved to be able to do things without mom and dad!" -Village Parent

"Outpost and the long term trips I took there were some of the best experiences I have ever had! It brought me closer to nature and God. Outpost gave me skills that have helped me grow into a better person and will continue to help me throughout the rest of my life." -Outpost Camper


Experiential Leadership Institute (sibling ministry)

The Experiential Leadership Institute (ELI) is a multi-week, immersive leadership development experience for rising 11-12th graders to discover their God-given strengths and practice servant leadership.


"I have learned to have a deeper understanding of myself and how I operate, and that has immensely helped me in school, work, and anywhere else where I am working with other people. I have learned to cooperate and get along with everyone, not just the people that I share the same views with." -ELI Participant

"What I've taken from ELI has allowed me to thrive in my school, my community and my church these past few months, and I am so excited to see where else it takes me!" -ELI Participant

"I feel as though I have learned how to love people better, and that realization has evolved into me taking more leadership positions in related activities." -ELI Participant

"Overall, I have felt a change in myself since ELI. I find myself much more confident, and I try to give others that confidence too! Plus, around school, church, or whatever group I'm in, I can feel myself using more patience, humility, and understanding towards others. I am so very thankful for ELI and all it has done for me." -ELI Participant

"The leadership shown from the ELI and other staff is simply outstanding!" -Grow Day Camps Host Church

"Loved the way ELIs built relationships with their children and encouraged them to be engaged in all activities." -Grow Day Camps Host Church

"The use of ELI is exposing young church members to an opportunity for them to be used by God at a young age." -Grow Day Camps Host Church


Grow Day Camps (sibling ministry)

Grow Day Camps sets up camp at local churches for campers to grow deeper roots in their faith (grow spiritually), in their ability to work as a team (grow socially), and in self-confidence as a loved child of God (grow individually).


"She has been to Grow Camp twice and the spiritual fun way of learning has been a positive influence for her." -Grow Parent

"My children LOVED this camp. The counselors were amazing. We are so grateful! It was truly the highlight of their summer!" -Grow Parent

"I think this was a great experience and provided valuable life lessons. I knew my camper was in safe hands and I didn't have to worry about him being fearful or bullied." -Grow Parent

"[What was the highlight of your week?] The whole experience of being accepted." -Grow Camper

"I love the way the campers get to develop spiritually and grow with each other and their leaders having fun." -Grow Parent

"Grow provides kids with the experience of community. A community that can be challenged, that can goof off, that can celebrate life all in the name of Christ." -Grow Host Church

"He really loved the interaction with the counselors - he really looked up to them as excellent role models!" -Grow Parent

"Every day they loved spending time with their groups and their counselors." -Grow Parent


"Our camper says he feels closer to God when he is at Glisson. He says he takes that feeling home with him each summer."

Craig, father of a 2013 Village camper