Glisson For Your Church

  Glisson Summer Camp Poster

"Glisson joins with the church..." It's the first line of Our Mission: our relationship with your church. Our ministry is tied to the work of United Methodist congregations across the North Georgia Conference. We are here for you. We need your help though getting the word out. Check out how you can share Glisson's ministry and in the process expand your own church's:

Promotional Resources:  Posters, pictures and more for sharing Glisson with your church. We'll even Mail Posters To You.

Camperships:  Help make summer camp possible for families who otherwise could not afford it.

First Camper Program:  Has your church sent a camper to Glisson in the past five years? If not, we'll help foot the bill.

Invite Us To Your Church:  We'll take any chance you'll give us to share how Glisson's ministry changes lives and nurtures leadership!

"It was great! It was my first year, and I was very happy that I got to do some amazing activities. I was a little scared on the high elements course, but I did it (and I am glad I did)!"

Emily, 8-year-old camper