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The Cane Creek Falls Fellowship is a society honoring those who have established some form of planned gift to Glisson in their estate plans - leaving a legacy gift to Glisson that impacts the lives of countless others. Leaving any of the legacy gift ideas listed below represents a major commitment to the Glisson ministry. That level of commitment is worthy of recognition.

If you have established any form of planned gift for Glisson, or you intend to do so, please notify our Development Office. We do not ask that you reveal any details regarding your planned gift. We merely ask that you confirm the existence of your gift so that we may honor the commitment your gift represents by inducting you into the Cane Creek Falls Fellowship.

If you prefer not to be recognized publicly for your planned gift, your request for confidentiality will be honored.

If you have any questions about the Cane Creek Falls Fellowship, please contact us at or (706) 864-6181.

The Georgia United Methodist Foundation stands ready to answer your questions about how to set-up and structure your legacy gift to protect your assets, maximize your tax situation and benefit Glisson's ministry. 

Georgia United Methodist Foundation


Legacy Gift Ideas


Outright Gift

Make a quick and simple gift. Donate cash, securities or personal property. Receive an income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.

Bequest in a Will

Defer a gift until after your lifetime. Name Glisson in your Will or Living Trust. Your donation is exempt from federal estate taxes.

Life Insurance Gift

Make a large gift with little cost to yourself. Give an old or new policy with Glisson named as beneficiary. Receive current income tax deduction and possible future deductions.

Retirement Plan Gift

Avoid the twofold taxation on retirement plan assets. Name Glisson as beneficiary of all or part of the remaining assets after your lifetime. Avoid heavily taxed gifts to heirs.

Real Estate Gift

Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate. Donate the property or sell it at a bargain price. Receive an immediate income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.

Retained Life Estate

Give your personal residence or farm, but continue to live there. Designate the ownership of your home to Glisson, but retain occupancy. Receive a charitable income tax deduction and lifetime use of the home.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Secure a fixed and often improved income. Create a charitable trust that pays you a set income annually. Receive immediate income tax deduction and fixed income for life.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Create a hedge against inflation over the long term. Create a trust that pays a percentage of trust's assets, valued annually. Receive immediate income tax deduction and annual income for life that has the potential to increase.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Supplement income with fixed annual payments. Enter into a contract that pays you fixed payments annually. Receive current and future savings on income taxes and fixed payments for life.

Charitable Lead Trust

Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets passing-on to heirs. Enter into a contract that pays you fixed payments annually. Receive current and future savings on income taxes and fixed payments for life.

Donor Advised Fund

Make a gift that allows flexibility and your input on how funds will be used. Create an agreement where the Foundation manages assets and you suggest beneficiaries. Receive immediate income tax deduction and the option to provide input on how funds will be used.


Glisson Gift Acceptance Policy

In order to protect the interests of Glisson and the persons who support its ministry, the Board of Directors has approved a gift acceptance policy designed to assure that all gifts to, or for the use of, Glisson are structured to provide maximum benefits to both Glisson and our donors.

This policy focuses on both current and deferred gifts, including:

  • Outright gifts in the form of cash, checks or on-line donations.
  • Securities, real estate and tangible personal property
  • Deferred gifts, including bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and gifts of life insurance

The goal of this policy is to encourage funding of Glisson without encumbering the organization with gifts which may prove to generate more cost than benefit, or which are restricted in a manner which is not in keeping with Glisson's mission.

Please contact us with any questions:
(706) 864-6181

Thank you for your support of this vibrant Christian ministry! 


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"Our camper says he feels closer to God when he is at Glisson. He says he takes that feeling home with him each summer."

Craig, father of a 2013 Village camper