Outpost Fund

The Outpost Fund gives you the opportunity to support Glisson's fastest-growing program, and allows Glisson staff the greatest flexibility to use funds for the area of greatest need at any given time.  Gifts to the Outpost Fund will be designated for initiatives specific to the Outpost program.

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Heading into 2016, the greatest needs identified for Outpost include: 

Item Needed
Projected Cost
Backpacking gear - group set
(stoves, water filters, tarps, etc.)
Hammocks - group set of 10
$700 x 2 = $1,400
Off-site trip gear - group set
(custom tarps, water filtration, stoves, lanterns, cookware, etc.)
$800 x 4 = $3,200
Archery equipment set
(compound and recurve bows, arrows and targets)
Low Element - Nitro Crossing
High efficiency refrigerator
(to be powered with existing solar array for food storage purposes)
$2,500 x 2 = $5,000
Permanent roofing for Frontier sleeping shelters
Kayak trailer
Recreational kayaks - group set of 12
(including paddles and life jackets)
Pioneer cooking shelter
Whitewater kayaks - group of 12
(including paddles, life jackets, spray skirts and helmets)
15-passenger bus
Replacement of old kayaks
3 sets of recreational kayaks
1 set of whitewater kayaks
and all accompanying equipment
Outpost Adventure Center
(multi-purpose shelter including a group meeting area,
lodging for up to 4 living groups, storage space, etc.)


Outpost is Glisson's summer camp program for rising 2nd-12th graders who desire to gain wilderness experience, go on exciting outdoor adventure trips, and grow in their faith. Our Pioneer, Frontier, and Expedition programs intentionally incorporate a skills progression so that campers can experience and learn outdoor skills at deeper levels.

We invite you to consider helping expand Glisson’s fastest-growing program by supporting the Outpost Fund.

We believe the accelerated growth we have seen at Outpost in recent years is the result of the formation of Christian community found through small group camping experiences in the midst of God's Creation. Because of this success, we now find ourselves at a tipping point – where our site, facilities and equipment are no longer adequate to sustain the growth of the program.

As we head into 2016, expansion of the opportunities available through the Outpost program is on our agenda. Several site and equipment needs – indicated in the chart above – have been identified as necessary to support this growth. Your support could be key to this endeavor.

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Outpost Backpackers


"It was great! It was my first year, and I was very happy that I got to do some amazing activities. I was a little scared on the high elements course, but I did it (and I am glad I did)!"

Emily, 8-year-old camper