First Camper Program

First Camper
Program Application

We exist to join with local churches in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The First Camper program is designed for local North Georgia United Methodist Churches that haven't had a child or youth from their congregation attend summer camp at Glisson in more than five years. Our goal is to encourage families and churches to re-engage with Glisson as a ministry resource. This program is distinct from our Campership Fund. It is not needs-based and does not use donated funds to underwrite the awards.

How It Works: Glisson provides $410 to be awarded by the Senior Pastor of the church that has had no one from the congregation attend Glisson in the past five summers. The church advertises Glisson to its membership. Families register for summer camp and pay the deposit. The pastor then may award the full amount to a single camper from her or his congregation or may divide the award among as many campers as register. Camper families are responsible for any remaining balance due.

Steps To The Process:

  1. Pastors of United Methodist Churches with no recent Glisson campers encourage campers to register.
  2. Families Register Online for camp, making a deposit for their preferred camp session.
  3. The family then takes a copy of their registration confirmation email to their pastor.
  4. The pastor completes the First Camper Participation Form (see below), listing all campers to be included and indicating the amount to be awarded to each camper.
  5. After checking to ensure the total awarded for the church does not exceed $410, the pastor mails the participation form, along with a copy of each camper's confirmation email, to the Glisson office by April 15.  
  6. Glisson credits each camper account with the amount indicated by the pastor. The family receives an email with the updated balance due.
  7. Campers come to Glisson, lives are changed, the churches are excited, and then even more campers attend Glisson in future summers!

If your congregation hasn't had a camper attend Glisson in the last five years, we'd love to make it as easy as possible to reconnect with your church! Questions? Email Lacey or call the Glisson office (706-864-6181).


"Our son looks forward to camp all year long. He is already asking when he will be going back. We are so appreciative of the amazing job you do with our special kids!"

Anne, parent of a 2013 Sparrowwood camper