Climbing Wall


The water tower that used to hold Glisson's water supply from 1954 to 1997 has been recycled and redesigned as a six-route Climbing Wall. Alpine Towers Inc. engineered and carried out a plan to construct six separate climbing routes on the side of the existing water tower. All routes utilize new auto-belay technology. While using similar climbing holds as the Alpine Tower, the Climbing Wall is more similar to a rock face as participants climb mostly straight up and down. The Alpine Tower is more like climbing a very tall tree with ropes and ladders built into it.

Note: The Climbing Wall can only be booked in conjunction with the Zip Line. See Reservations for details or contact Shirley (706-864-6181 or


"It was great! It was my first year, and I was very happy that I got to do some amazing activities. I was a little scared on the high elements course, but I did it (and I am glad I did)!"

Emily, 8-year-old camper