Through the Campership Fund, the Glisson Board and staff are committed to making our summer camp experience accessible to campers for whose families the full cost of camp is out-of-reach - and to assisting families who have experienced short-term financial difficulties. Due to the generosity of hundreds of donors, we are able to help dozens of campers each summer with Campership funds -- 100% of which are donated, not gleaned from operating funds or from fees paid by other camper families.

Camperships are awarded based on need. They are not intended as merely a convenience or a reduction of fees. Glisson’s fees are already lower than the actual cost of camp because of the generous operational support received from churches in the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Camperships are intended to help campers who otherwise would not be able to attend camp at all without assistance.

What information is required to apply for camperships?

Campership Application

Each camper applying for campership assistance must first be registered and confirmed for a summer camp session with the $100 deposit submitted. If submitting the $100 deposit at one time presents a hardship, campership applicants are able to submit the deposit through a series of smaller payments (contact the Glisson office to discuss this option - the $100 deposit would need to be paid in full by the time the camper arrives for summer camp). If Glisson is unable to award a campership for any reason, the deposit is fully refundable.

A one-page Campership Application is required for each family. The Campership Application includes a Confirmation of Need section in which a minister (preferred), social worker, guidance counselor or other professional confirms the family’s need. Glisson does not ask the family to submit any tax forms or detailed income documentation at all.

Where does the money come from?

All campership awards represent gifts from generous Glisson donors, many of whom are former campers themselves or are the parents of current or former campers. These donors understand the impact that Glisson summer camp has on the lives of campers - children and youth in the Village and Adventure Outpost programs; children, youth and adults through Sparrowwood - and they want their gifts to be used to extend this opportunity to as many campers as possible.

How are camperships awarded?

Once a camper has been awarded a campership, the amount of the award is applied to his or her online registration account. An email is then generated to notify the family that the award has been made. The camper’s parent, guardian or sponsor may then log into the camper’s account to pay any remaining balance and to make a deposit into the camper’s online store account.

Can my church help me with my camper fees?

Absolutely! Many churches provide funding to help their members attend Glisson. The church can simply send a check to Glisson along with the name(s) of the camper(s) whose fees they want to help cover. It is not unusual for a family’s funds, church funds and a campership award to be combined to help get a camper to Glisson. We love that kind of three-way partnership in support of our campers!

If you have any additional questions which are not addressed by the information provided on this page, please Email Us or call the office at (706) 864-6181.


"Our son looks forward to camp all year long. He is already asking when he will be going back. We are so appreciative of the amazing job you do with our special kids!"

Anne, parent of a 2013 Sparrowwood camper