Alpine Tower

  Alpine Tower Challenge Course

Since 1998, thousands of summer campers and retreat guests have taken on the challenge of this 50+ foot tall structure – many of them having reached the top in a variety of ways over the years. The Alpine Tower provides seemingly limitless routes to the top, starting with three different access poles, each with different levels of difficulty. With elements such as Jacob's Ladder (smaller version of the Giant's Ladder high element), the Wind Chimes (two hanging logs with climbing holds on them), the Missing Link (an enormous rope ladder with a four foot section left out), and the See-saw (a horizontal beam that tilts when you move from side to side) the Tower is full of challenges suitable and challenging for just about everyone: from 4th graders, to high school seniors, to adults and parents of summer staff.

The Alpine Tower is more than just a "get to the top" element; it is a safe and exciting way for participants to push the limits of their fears and – with the help of safety harnesses, belayers and their peers – take on challenges they never thought they could. Rather than having a single belayer for each climber, trained Glisson staff facilitate and supervise a team belay setup.

Alpine Tower Belay Team  

Each group member is trained to fulfill various roles in the team belay. In this way, the entire group can be meaningfully involved in each participant's climb. Staff are also trained to help participants plan a route that will be challenging for them and to facilitate the belay team's interaction with each climber. By using this model, the Alpine Tower functions as both a chance for individual growth through attempting a challenge as well as an opportunity for team-building through trusting one's peers and encouraging one another.

Note: The Alpine Tower can be booked with or without the Giant Swing. See Reservations for details or contact Shirley (706-864-6181 or

"It was great! It was my first year, and I was very happy that I got to do some amazing activities. I was a little scared on the high elements course, but I did it (and I am glad I did)!"

Emily, 8-year-old camper